Vow Renewal (2016)

Andrew and I celebrated our two year anniversary, six days later we were married. By most standards, we rushed into getting married. We did it for all the right reasons- we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together-nonetheless, two years is a very short time and we still had so much to learn about ourselves and each other  To say that the past year and a half has been a challenge is the understatement of all time. However we’ve come out of it on the other side, so much stronger as a couple and more in love with each other now than on the day we were  married. We wanted to renew this year however there’s just not enough time or money. So 2016 will be the year of the vow renewal for us. I loved my first wedding because its the day i married my best friend  however it wasn’t my style. The renewal will be my dream wedding. Our style and personality from start to finish.


For my first wedding i wanted a backyard wedding, for my renewal I will have a backyard reception.  Inspiration provided by How to Throw a Backyard Wedding: Decor | Green Wedding Shoes Wedding Blog | Wedding Trends for Stylish + Creative Brides


One of these dresses would be perfect. Found them here- Handmade French Chic Dresses and Accessories by FoldedRoses and actually LOVE all the items in this Etsy store


How cute are these for my girls?!? I dont have (nor do i want at the time) kids so my dogs can be my flower girls.                                      RockinDogs and CoolCats by RockinDogs on Etsy

I also found amazing invitations at Michaels in the clearance section. I bought a box of 40 for $3, which will be plenty because I always wanted a small, intimate affair.

Not that Ive really put much thought into it or anything..

This is just the beginning..

You just said, “Yes!” and while you’re enjoying this momentous occasion you cant stop the wheels in your head from turning-when, where, who, how much?  No matter how long of an engagement you have, there will never be enough time so I suggest start planning asap. If you haven’t set a date then buy a few bridal magazines and start taking notes and saving clippings that way when you do set a date you will have a good idea of your wants and likes. Once you set a date you will need a checklist. I’ve included a few in the links at the bottom of the page. Generally there all going to have a similar time frame, it really all depends on the bride and the wedding. The list I have compiled, from my experience, include the most details and will be the most helpful but feel free to search the web for one that fits you and your wedding day. I’ve even included a checklist for brides who are eloping, which just seems silly, but hey.. sometimes Capricorns elope too!

Whether or not you hire a wedding planner will factor in to how much you actually have to do yourself and what you need to keep track of so some of the checklist will be of no use to you. However a wedding binder like this one: Personalized Wedding Organizer | Exclusive Wedding Planner is a must-have for ALL brides. I had a very similar one while I was planning my wedding and I would’ve been lost without it. It also includes its own selection of checklists. I received mine as a gift but if you don’t gets yours as a gift and don’t want to spend a lot of money then go to Walmart or Target and buy a one inch, three ring binder, some color coded dividers and labels and throw some paper in there and voila! You’ve made your own organizer. I promise you, it will be a life saver. You will be able to keep track of everything from paper samples and color palettes to list and appointments and it makes it easy to take everything with you to your appointments with vendors.

Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist | Real Simple

You’re Engaged | Martha Stewart Weddings



Planning to Elope? A Checklist | DexKnows.com

These are very basic things you will need before you can even think about actual wedding planning; the process of planning a wedding can be daunting and overwhelming but stay organized and give yourself plenty of time and don’t forget to bask in all the wonderfulness of being a bride.