Officially a Two Bedroom House

About a year and a half ago a leaky pipe under the bathroom sink led to our house being flooded. We have a small (<1000 sq ft) house with the bathroom being close enough to every room that our whole house was flooded. We had to move in with my parents for about 4 months and fight the insurance to get our claim paid. The light at the end of the tunnel was we were getting hard wood floors throughout, new paint throughout, the ugly cottage cheese ceiling taken off, new doors, recessed lighting, lights and ceiling fans in the bedrooms (we had to use lamps in every room except the bathroom and kitchen before this). So when all was said and done, it was kinda worth it. Except for the past year and a half it felt like we were living in a one bedroom because we didnt have the time, energy or money to fix up the second bedroom. The door stayed shut and would only get opened for us to throw something in there. I would attempt to do crafts on my cricut in there but that only added to the pure chaos and clutter that already existed.


20140310_200925   20140310_200937


But we recently mustered up the courage, the money and some Rockstars and tackled this project head on!


2014-03-28 12.09.05    2014-03-28 11.22.11

Above Left: The love seat and Ikea coffee table were gifted to Andrew and I when we got our first apartment together. Above Right: We bought this white drawer unit from Ikea and its pretty much empty which was the idea; There is plenty of space for us to organize future bills, homework, projects etc;

20140311_094957   2br1

The main goal of this room was to have has much storage as possible and to have the best use of space. So the corner desk with plenty of storage underneath (pictured above) was a no brainer, and guess where we bought it? Give up? Ikea!

2014-03-28 11.31.21 2014-03-28 11.46.04

The square storage unit (above left) was one we already had that somehow managed to survive the flood, originally purchased from Target. The rug (above right) was a steal from Ikea, ringing in at $14.99

2014-03-28 11.47.11  2014-03-28 11.47.25

Ikea again was the star of the show when it came to organizing the closet. Laundry, excess clothes that don’t fit in our bedroom closet, workout gear, text books, blankets, pillows, shoes and more are stored neatly (for the most part) in here. I didn’t want a closet door in here but it was just a personal choice , no good reason or explanation for that one.

And finally one of my favorite things in this room. We found these adorable frames at Ikea that have this antique look but theyre actually plastic (so they were cheap!) I love them so much and our wedding invitation looked too perfect in one of them:

2014-03-28 11.32.04

I love what we’ve done with the place but there is still so much more to do, not only in this room but in our house and yard. Owning a home is the gift that keeps on giving. Everyday we are given an opportunity to start a new project or put up a new picture, add a little touch that makes it feel a little more like love, a little more like where we belong. My home is my haven and I love coming here everyday after a long day at work or returning here after a vacation. Cherish and take pride in your home, its where your memories are being made.




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